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1930 Group Photo Here's how to find out just WHO is in the photo that's in the photo archive. FreeAcres PDF
1942 (?) U.N. Benefit Held at the ampitheater. Sigmar & Laurel Hessing PDF
1949 Newark Sunday News Article Back then, everybody's address was "RFD 1, Scotch Plains, NJ," and the mailman wouldn't come down our streets. Sigmar & Laurel Hessing PDF
1951 Costume Party Participants Who's in that photo in the Photo Archive? Now you can find out. Sigmar & Laurel Hessing PDF
A Doctors Apprenticeship by Dr. Benzion Liber A charming account of life in the earliest days of the Free Acres community. Free Acres Archives PDF
Abramson Murals/Bayonne Times 1937 The story about Morey donating the 3 murals to the Bayonne library. Free Acres Archive PDF
Bolton Hall NYT Letter A letter published in the New York Times, June 4, 1916 about Tanagers in Free Acres. Harris & Laurie Ruben Images
Crawford-Killian letter (1921) and Richard Clay's reminiscences (1992) Two documents; a handwritted letter from Will Crawford and an interview with Richard Clay along with his story of growing up in Free Acres. An addendum from Walt Welles has been added 2/2008 Sigmar & Laurel Hessing PDF
Free Acres 1910-1930 20th Ann. Brochure Brochure for the 20th Anniversary. Free Acres Archives PDF
Free Acres 1910-1935 25th Ann. Brochure (Annotated) Program for 25th Anniversary and List of Who's Who Sigmar & Laurel Hessing PDF

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